EMCOTEC is the exclusive distributor for Germany and Austria for the powerful products of Eagle Tree Systems. The domain of measurement data acquisition and telemetry is now affordable for the model builder with these very reasonable products from Eagle Tree Systems. A variety of systems is available, which, besides logging of model relevant data (e.g. flight speed, RPM, current, voltage, servo pulse monitoring, temperature, g-forces, GPS-Coordinates) also allow for radio transmission of the data to a ground station.

Memory size, as well as a fast sample rate of the parameters allow for precise reconstruction of the values at the home PC. The USB port serves as the interface Ė simple connect and read out the data by software. Presentation of the data is available in many variations (graphically, textual or both).

The MicroPower E-Logger is especially designed for electrically flight. It records voltage, current and, if using optional sensors RPM and temperature. Values can be read in real time if using an optional LC display.

The USB data recorders allow for logging of a variety of measuring values if corresponding sensors are connected. Therefore, they are arbitrary extendible and optionally can even record application specific analog voltages. Corresponding systems are available for each application: gliders, motorized models, helicopters, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), boats and model cars.

Seagull Wireless Telemetrie systems serve for radio transmission of the values recorded by the USB data recorder to a ground station. Here, the freely available 433MHz frequency band is utilized. A small transmitter in the model sends the data to the ground station, which serves for evaluation and display of the data. Optionally, transmitter / receiver are available in the 2.4GHz frequency band, which allow for a much higher operation range.

Comprehensive Accessories include sensors for virtually every measurement task.

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