Safety switch SPS SafetyPowerSwitch

Product description and features

Electronic safety switch for electric drives. An anti flash circuitry prevents the sparks during connecting the battery. The SPS SafetyPowerSwitch disconnects the motor from the drive battery, the motor remains inactive and non-dangerous until activation.

Advantages at a glance

  • Anti flash circuitry prevents the spark during connecting the drive battery.
    Saves the connectors and protects hands and fingers.
  • Disconnects the drive's current supply reliably.
    The drive cannot be started accidentally or unintended. The R/C model can be prepared safely.
  • Convenient switching on and off.
    The SPS SafetyPowerSwitch can be operated optionally with a cas cap (magnet), pin or remote switch actuator.

Switch actuator

The SPS SafetyPowerSwitch is switched on and of with an external switch actuator

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